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One-stop solution for Glass!

Exquisite Glass Funiture

We provide exclusive glass furniture such as consoles with coordinated mirrors, side tables, center tables, and coffee tables. All these furniture items are customizable as per requirements.

We are leading manufacturers of Customised LED Mirrors with huge variety of designs on display. These mirrors are provided with touch sensor, motion sensor, 

LED Mirrors

Wall Panel Mirrors

We have huge variety of colours in mirrors such as black, copper, rosegold, antique, brown, pink etc. which can be used in creating beautiful wall panel designs.

Huge variety of colours in lacquered glass. We deal in imported Saint Gobain and Asahi Lacquered glass.

Lacquered Glass

We provide toughen glass railings, interior and exterior with customised hardware and fittings.

Toughened Glass & Glass Railings

Shower Partitions in glass as a slider or with hinge doors available. Ionisation process also available to reduce water spots frequently seen on showers with prolong use.

Shower Partitions & Glass


Glass Films

We have huge collection of Glass Films. These include frosted films, tinted films to reduce heat, Antelo films for one sided visibility and designer films to enhance aesthetic look of the space.

Sagar Juneja

I gave him a custom design (I picked up from internet) and he executed it to perfection. Wonderful team he has. Absolutely satisfied. Highly recommended.

Prem Singh

Amazing fast service. Personalised attention and eye for details. Thank you mr Sood. It’s been a pleasure. Strongly recommended

Rajinder kour

No words can describe the work what glass decor done ... price is suitable.... Most important commitment of time is 100%... I order mirror surprises for my friend house deliver on time and quality is good ... I hope glass decor all the best for future work!

Oshin Garg

Awesome experience!!! One solution for all your glass and mirror work. Genuine and very polite dealing. Many options for decorative mirrors.
Highly Recommended!

Gavesh Kaushik

Excellent products, and experienced staff. Very reasonably priced collection. Thanks Mr. Sood for good service.

Mohit Kakkar

Absolutely A Class job done in reasonable price. Friendly Staff. One stop shop for all Glass/Mirror requirements. Highly recommended. Thanks guys
Happy with your service.

What our Clients say about us

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